Saturday, July 30, 2016

Building the Jim Chambers Lancaster Flintlock: Engraving Turn Table

Another thing I didn't understand is the engraving issue; for a fist timer engraving can be kept to a minimum but I don't want to do nothing so I guess I have to do some learning.

I have been looking into what the minimum engraving kit might look like to minimize the initial costs.

Thinking about making my own rotary vice I realized that I had the raw materials on hand to make a rotary table.

Strangely enough I came across this super precision turntable at an estate sale last year and for $5 simply couldn't resist it.
As for the bearing I new I had save a clutch throw-out bearing from maybe 40 years ago and located that.
Ultimately the advantage I saw in this design is that the TT is very heavy solid, the taped holes will allow mounting of anything.

Not a rotating vice but...
It spins freely or can be locked with a set screw.

Not bad for a low cost TT.

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