Friday, June 10, 2016

Building the Jim Chambers Lancaster Flintlock: Inlet Trigger guard and Ram rod tubes

The trigger guard is very time consuming; it has a 100 ways to be off. The casting has to be bent back into alignment which is fairly easy with soft brass.

First I undercut and curved the two areas to be inlet.
I chose to pin both ends.
Took a break from making to set up my chisel collection,I have never done a lot of small scale carving so I pulled a piece of scrap wood and set this up.
After inletting the RR loops I needed a drill fixture to get the height correct. I made some measurements and decided that the center of the tab (down from the top line) on the tubes was 0.55" for two of them and 0.62" for the rearmost. 
I took a piece of rect. alum. extrusion and put the two different heights on it.
I screwed up the 1st two holes by not compensating for the 0.125" wall thickness of the ext. so just re-drilled the holes further back. The single clamp holds both the tube and fixture in place.
Next time I will go with thicker wall alum. ext.
Everything pined in place.

I have been trying to get to this stage since leaving the Chambers workshop and have been reading the Recreating the American Longrifle studying up for the brass patch box test. 

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