Sunday, June 12, 2016

Building the Jim Chambers Lancaster Flintlock: Fit Ram Rod

The ram rod is 0.375" dia. and so is the RR tubes bore.

As annoying as this is it puts the maker into a similar predicament as the early makers.

I created a scraper for the purpose of reducing the dia. of the shaft by drilling into a piece of 0.060" mild steel and counter sinking it, the countersink creates a sharp edge.

0.125" hot rolled steel would be more robust.

It takes a while to get the whole piece scraped, I used one of the tubes as a "Go"gauge. The scraping process resuts in a slightly irregular final shape which I think will add to authenticity.
Ultimately the breech end had some sticking point that was difficult to work out but eventually I got it.
I am going to make a steel tube version for use and keep this one for show.

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